Tuesday, March 08, 2005

ClickZ Ponders In-Store Television Networks

Pete Blackshaw, on-call media expert for ClickZ Network, has some interesting thoughts about the burgeoning digital signage industry. Here's a snip from his article:

"Key Implications

Consumer accepted or not, the advent of Wal-Mart TV promises to rewrite the marketing script for manufacturers and their agencies. No one can really ignore this because, frankly, advertisers have nowhere else to run on the advertising front.

So don't be surprised if we begin to see more traditional agencies, as well as media integrator shops, start to form "retail advertising" groups, not unlike the recent burst of shingles around 'branded entertainment.'

We may also see a steady migration from Madison Ave. down to Fayetteville, AR. After all, who's going to advise all the legions of shopper teams about media optimization, RGM rates, and message rotation? In this new world, the guy selling Milk-Bones may well have a media buyer standing next to him."

Check out the rest of it here.

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