Wednesday, May 25, 2005

Choosing the right tech for digital displays

KioskMarketplace is running a nice article about some of the digital signage technology options showcased at the Digital Retailing Expo, and which ones are right for different deployments. From the article:

"A number of expert panel discussions were conducted at the second annual Digital Retailing Expo, held May 18-19 at Chicago’s Navy Pier Exhibition Center. Among them was a chat on "Choosing the Right Technology for Effective Deployment," a big-picture overview of making smart hardware and software choices for new digital signage applications.

...[T]he panel was asked which hardware and software platforms are generally considered the best for digital display applications.

'There is no one best solution,' [ActiveLight CEO] Gleeson responded without hesitation. 'There are situations where customers want to author their own content within the system. There are situations where there is legacy equipment to be dealt with.'

That said, all of the panelists are fans of standard hardware components.

'I’m bullish on industry-standard hardware platforms," Porter said. "It’s amazing what a $500 computer can do. Don’t fight the 10,000 Chinese guys who are trying to sell you something on the cheap on the hardware side.'"

The whole article can be found here.

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