Tuesday, May 31, 2005

Good things to say about digital signage networks

MediaWeek has some uncharacteristically nice things to say digital signage in an article released today. The focus here is on so called info-tainment, where advertising and entertainment content is mixed in with news, sports, weather and the like for a more pleasurable viewing experience. From the article:

"I was in Liverpool Street station last week waiting for a train and caught myself watching the news on the big screen.

The big surprise was that, instead of feeling irritated, I was actually enjoying it and the realisation came over that, yes, different types of screen media are a good idea and engaging in the right environment.

With moving images and a mix of advertising and editorial, screen media engages consumers, which can only have a positive impact on "at destination" sales or improving brand association, making it an excellent advertising opportunity for a range of brands.

In the majority of instances, the client has the power to remotely change any aspect of the creative in real time, which is obviously a huge bonus for creating timely and impactful ads.

It also means that outdoor day parts finally become a reality rather than an ongoing myth.

But a note of caution – for screen media to make a genuine and positive impact it must be targeted and relevant."

You can find the rest of the article here.

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