Thursday, May 12, 2005

Sainsbury's tests in-store TV


"Sainsbury’s in the UK goes live with its trial of supermarket TV this week, claiming that it will be able to target customers more precisely than its rivals by using a much greater number of screens.

The chain, number three in Britain’s grocery market, will deploy about 120 screens in each store for the trial of a digital-signage service it is calling Fresh TV. By contrast, market leader Tesco uses about 55 per store for its Tesco TV network, operational since the spring of 2004, while ASDA has 21 per store in its ASDA Live pilot project.

Fifteen channels will be dedicated to separate product areas at Sainsbury’s, with content split according to the now-familiar ‘editorial and advertising’ model: 70 percent of output will consist of customer information, consumer tips and promotions for Sainsbury’s own brands, while 30 percent will advertise third-party brands. Participating advertisers are Bernard Matthews (poultry products), Coca-Cola, Goodfellas (pizza), Heinz, Kingsmill (bakery products) and Muller (yoghurt)."

Full arcticle can be found here.

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