Saturday, June 25, 2005

Nestle tries digital signage in the UK

"Nestlé is expanding its branded network in British cash-and-carry stores – no-frills outlets aimed at bulk purchasers, particularly from the catering business.

"The company has trialled screens in five cash-and-carries in the Landmark group and now plans to extend it to other “key accounts” within Landmark, according to Nick Robinson, spokesman for IQ Group, which provided hardware, software, installation and content production and continues to oversee network operation. The timeframe and extent of the rollout could not be confirmed.

“The test depots have considerably outperformed the depots without screens,” said Jim Hansen, business manager at Nestlé. “The screens are the ideal way to highlight new products, event activity and brand information in the cash-and-carry environment and we are finding that they substantially increase awareness and sales.”

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