Wednesday, July 27, 2005

WireSpring blog: Big news in digital signage acquisitions and IPOs

It's been a busy week over at WireSpring's weblog for digital signage and interactive kiosk projects:

"So once again the digital ink has barely had time to dry on my last blog article when along comes some news that changes my perspective. When I mentioned a few days ago that "the digital signage industry still lacks a presence on the public markets" (in "Digital signage firm Focus Media doing well on the public market"), I was thinking mostly about pure-play digital signage firms going public, like PRN was supposed to do all that time ago (see "PRN: A Digital Signage IPO Story" from May 2004). However, I neglected to mention the possibility that a larger, already publicly-traded company would acquire a digital signage firm, as has just happened today with 3M's acquisition of Mercury Online."

Check out the rest of the article, called "Big news in digital signage acquisitions and IPOs".

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