Friday, September 16, 2005

BTV+ integrates digital signage and RFID tag technologies

I think this is the way things are headed for different digital retailing technologies, so it's good to see a player like BTV+ taking the first steps. As reported at Broadcast Engineering:

"BTV+ has successfully integrated low-cost radio frequency identification (RFID) triggering with digital signage displays. The RFID display triggering system integrates with the company’s ADvantage and other digital signage systems to provide consumer behavior-based targeting of merchandising, information and customer-facing digital displays.

"The BTV+ system operates in typical retail and other public environments, uses ISO standards, and is inexpensive, safe and highly reliable. It can be built into or added to merchandising displays.

"In practice, reusable RFID tags cost $0.05 to $0.50 each and range in size from a penny to 2in square and can be attached to any product or brochure, or embedded on fobs or other products. The RFID antenna can be tuned to define the reading field and software can distinguish hundreds of unique tags or product tag groups in the merchandising display. Using an RFID antenna attached to a store shelf and RFID tags attached to the display products, the software interprets the signals of whatever tagged product is selected and displays a video, text or animated clip on a digital display to inform, educate and influence.

"An RFID-enabled shelf of, for example, cosmetic products could trigger information or a merchandising display when the shopper picks up a particular product for inspection. Following the promotional reel or when the product is placed back on the shelf, the display screen reverts to a marketing loop designed to attract attention. When a different product is lifted from the shelf for examination, information about that product is displayed."

You can find the full article here.

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