Wednesday, September 28, 2005

KatrinaWish narrowcasts to evacuees

While I have to admit that this is a pretty novel use of digital signage technology, for some reason something doesn't quite sit right with me. I'm of course fully supportive of anything that can improve the spirits or situations of those in need, but I have trouble understanding the benefits of deploying a narrowcasting network to the disaster area that is New Orleans. Oh, I haven't explained what I'm talking about yet. Specifically, it's this news release, and here's a quote:

The MediaTile Company, along with its partners ProView, Chief Manufacturing and Rollouts, and with support from the American Red Cross, today announced that it has deployed a narrowcasting system that delivers digital-wishes on large screen TVs to individuals and families affected by Hurricane Katrina. From the website (, individuals, families, schools, associations and communities from all over the world can send their digital-wishes using the MediaTile narrowcasting system directly to large-screen TVs in evacuee centers. Large-screen TVs are being initially deployed in Baton Rouge, LA, and Jackson, MS, where evacuees are being assisted; additional systems will be deployed as new site logistics are completed.
I think it's a great gesture, and an excellent PR play by MediaTile, but I just have to think that the time and money that went into deploying that network might have had better use elsewhere.

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