Wednesday, September 28, 2005

New Zealand Cinema Chains Deploy First Digital Signage Network

It seems to me that New Zealand should still be called "down under" even though that moniker seems to have been reserved for Australians only... In any case, the first cinema-oriented digital signage network has been deployed in New Zealand, in cooperation with Scala. Here's a clip from the press release:

"SignActive initially began discussing the concept of a digital signage network with Berkeley Cinemas almost three years ago. While talks were underway, Berkeley Cinemas formulated plans for a flagship cinema that was due to open in December 2004. One of the key drivers for the project was to use plasma screens to display movie times, trailers, cinema information and advertising. Berkeley Cinemas also wanted a cutting edge cinema environment that enhanced the movie-going experience.

"Both impressive and informative this new technology has already improved the movie-going experience and enhanced ticket & candy sales. The combination of 42” and 50” plasma screens as well as a suspended “floating” screen driven by a projector provides relevant up to date content such as movie session times and prices, entertainment with movie trailers and previews plus internal and external advertising.

"Using a custom written software interface developed by SignActive that collaborates between Scala InfoChannel®, the world’s leading digital software platform and the existing Vista cinema software platform, live, real-time content, including movie names, movie times and movie ratings, is dynamically generated directly from the cinema database for viewing on the displays. All the creative content including movie title images and third party advertising is sent via a private network to multiple cinema locations from SignActive’s head office in Auckland, New Zealand. In addition, each cinema manager also has the capability to change a scrolling message ticker on the displays for any on-site management updates. While people are waiting they are entertained with movie trailers and a “cinema status” screen that is constantly refreshed to show the status of each theatre in the complex.

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