Friday, September 09, 2005

Richardson Electronics delivers new large-format touch screen

"Richardson Electronics, a global provider of Engineered Solutions for the Display Systems Market, today announced the preliminary release of an integrated NEC LCD4010 40" TFT touch screen monitor solution which features 3M Touch Systems' revolutionary Dispersive Signal Technology (DST). The solution - developed by Richardson's Pixelink Division in collaboration with 3M Touch Systems - integrates the NEC large-screen LCD with a 40" MicroTouch(TM) DST Touch Screen and Controller to create a unique touch solution designed to meet the needs of the digital signage applications market. The touch enabled display is a first offering from the forecasted product line of large format (over 30") touch screens to be designed by Pixelink. The solution is available through Richardson.

"3M's Dispersive Signal Technology marks a fundamentally different approach to touch-screen capabilities. Unlike other solutions that recognize touch by the interruption of electrical fields, acoustic waves, optical fields or infrared light, Dispersive Signal Technology recognizes touch by interpreting bending waves created in the overlay substrate via the impact of a touch. This approach helps eliminate performance issues associated with on-screen contaminants and surface scratches, while offering enhanced palm rejection. All of these features represent key functional advantages in the target applications.

"Richardson's Pixelink Division, a worldwide leader in flat-panel display systems, expects to leverage its vast engineering resources and respected reputation combined with 3M's touch screen knowledge to create demand and find new markets for its new DST - enabled touch screen monitor solution. The company's strong, specialized sales organization's active participation within growing markets will work to broaden market share where similar technologies are being developed. Richardson's goal is to be the premier global provider of digital retail signage and advertising. Key application segments for this new touch monitor solution include transportation, entertainment and promotion, financial exchange and other varied indoor venues such as casinos, trade shows, clubs and restaurants."

You can read the rest of the PR here.

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