Friday, September 30, 2005

Techland releases digiital signage whitepaper

The Techland Group has released a white paper about picking the right video distribution system for your digital signage project, covering a number of wired-solutions (no mention of wireless on a quick glance of the TOC), as well as different possible network topologies. From the paper:

"When considering a digital signage project, users usually focus on display types and content management software. For the integrator, however, there is an important component that the user rarely considers: the distribution technology and platform. This infrastructure transmits the digital video and audio from the server to the appropriate displays, and is a key contributor to actual digital signage performance. In addition, as the connecting component for all displays, the distribution technology can be a significant part of the project budget. That’s why choosing the correct distribution technology is vital in ensuring a successful digital signage installation."
You can download the paper here.

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