Monday, October 10, 2005

Digital signage firm StrandVision wins the 2005 Create Your Own Business competition

I'm not really sure where Eau Claire Wisconsin is, but apparently they have an Area Economic Development Corporation (EDC), and further, apparently said EDC likes to give away an annual prize to startup companies in the area (which makes sense, considering that startups can bring jobs, outside investment and prestige to a city).

This year's winner was digital signage startup StrandVision (formerly something like From their press release:

"The $10,000 award recognizes the strength of founder and CEO Mike Strand’s vision and StrandVision’s market potential. StrandVision is Strand’s second major business venture. He was one of the early recipients of the Business Plan Competition when he received the award in 1989 for StrandWare Inc., which he subsequently built into a leadership position in the bar code software industry and ultimately sold to Brady Corporation of Milwaukee.

"'It's great to get support from the Eau Claire Area EDC,' said [company founder Mike] Strand. 'Its investment in 1989 was a major milestone in StrandWare's development. This time, we’re planning to build a worldwide digital signage business right here in Chippewa Valley. It's terrific to be able to grow another high-tech company in Eau Claire where I live with my family. We are looking forward to working with the many local businesses that can use our products and services. We didn't have that opportunity much with StrandWare.'"

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