Monday, October 10, 2005

Ex 24/7 Media Asia CEO predicts the age of digital signage

Christian Liu, former CEO of media buying company 24/7 Media Asia, predicts that good things are in store (no pun intended) for the digital signage industry:

Studies indicate that digital signage boosts sales of new products advertised in-store by 30%-300%, increases revenue by more than 30% of profiled products, and receives 10 times the eye contact of static signage. This is very good news for retailers.

Retailers and other service sector businesses are increasingly beginning to view digital signage as a viable means to advertise their brand and their wares more effectively and to further improve the contact with their customers outside of their homes or cars, closer to the physical location of the point-of-sale.

Reasonably priced, large plasma screens are not only applicable for the new generation of HDTV home televisions; they are starting to impact the operations of department stores, large retail outlets, sports arenas, schools, airports, and business organizations far and wide. Digital signage is a sexy hot new growth industry, allowing companies to put relevant, informative programming, entertaining and eye-catching marketing information in front of hundreds of thousands of customers at a very low incremental cost.
He actually expounds on this theme quite a bit, pointing out his short list of benefits of the technology, as well as briefly explaining some of the applications in use (including digital menu boards, narrowcast networks, etc.). He ends with this conclusion:
It's important and crucial to plan each aspect carefully in the deployment of digital signage network. Digital signage is changing the face of advertising and emerges as the next killer application. It will revolutionize the way your organization communicates with your customers, increasing revenue opportunities well beyond the expenses involved.
It's a good read; I suggest you go check it out!

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