Thursday, October 27, 2005

Progressive Enterprises to roll out digital signage to entire chain

As reports in this article, New Zealand's largest supermarket chain will be rolling out digital signage to all of its 93 stores. This comes after a successful 6 month trial, and some positive research. More than a press release or company announcement, the article actually lays out some of the results of that research, including:

  • A discounted energy drink featured on the network experienced a 146 percent increase in sales at the 277 Foodtown store, compared with a 70 percent uplift of the same product in a comparable store with no screens.
  • A cereal advertised with a special offer on the pack saw sales increase 224 per cent at the store showing digital signage, compared with a 32 per cent increase at a control store.

Obviously, numbers like that make it a bit easier to secure advertisers for the network. To read the rest of the results, check out the article at the above link. You'll need to register with aka (free) if you haven't already.

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