Tuesday, November 15, 2005

Broadsign and DS-IQ partner for digital signage accountability

Hot off the PR Newswire comes this notice that Broadsign, a digital signage software platform maker, and DS-IQ a digital signage analytics firm,

"today announced the integration of BroadSign's Digital Media Logistics Suite (DMLS) and DS-IQ's web-based service that directly measures consumer purchases triggered by advertising run on in-store digital networks. Together the two products offer retailers and advertisers an unprecedented capability for measuring and increasing sales uplift and advertising ROI produced by retail networks.

Together, DS-IQ and BroadSign create a real-time feedback loop that goes beyond simply documenting sales uplift, to allow ongoing network optimization. Advertisers will quickly learn which creatives perform best in various markets and day-parts, and what schedules are most effective. Equipped with retail intelligence from DS-IQ and BroadSign, they will be able to successfully launch new products and micro-target campaigns across thousands of stores and millions of customers.

You can read the complete release here.

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