Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Lyle talks about the digital signage business continuum

Lyle Bunn of BTV+ has written a nice piece about the digital signage business models in use by many firms today, including a nice business flow diagram illustrating the different marketing and advertising elements that should be taken into account when building a network and keeping it fed with content. As he notes:

Digital signage is not a replacement for other display medium such as TV, billboards, print ads, etc., but an addition option for ad placement.

Different display type can meet the “need state” of a consumer. A consumer NEEDS a particular kind of information or promotion while sitting in a TV room watching the game, or while driving or while reading a newspaper.

The “need state” differs while in a buying location, where multiple types of information and promotion can support brand building and inspire the purchase. “BUY ME”, “TRY ME”, “BETTER THAN” and “GOES WITH” can each be used effectively on Digital Signage.

Digital Signage is a unique display medium because it has the inherent ability to cost-effectively display different message types in day-parts, or triggered by interest or demographic, or even played simultaneously on multiple or split screens.
Overall, quite a good read. You should probably go check it out if you're in the business (or plan to be).

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