Wednesday, November 02, 2005

More news of kiosk and digital signage convergence

As reported from NAMC Newswire:

friendlyway Corporation (OTCBB:FDWY) a developer and marketer of interactive self-service solutions, today announced a partnership with NEC Display Solutions of America, Inc., who will be supplying the large-screen LCD displays used in the new friendlyway Impress(TM).

Both friendlyway and NEC Display Solutions will be marketing the new "impressive" self-service and digital signage system. The friendlyway Impress is an extension of friendlyway's signature line of interactive systems which lead in elegant design, top quality and performance. The Impress stands about eight and a half feet tall, three and a half feet wide and only six inches deep. It currently is available with either a NEC Display Solutions 32" or 40" portrait LCD display with optional SAW touch screen technology.
The rest of the press release is here, but just has a couple of typical press release quotes and blurbs about the companies. What's interesting to see is that hardware vendors are starting to wake up and realize the possibilities of merged kiosk and digital sign systems. I expect to see a lot more of this sort of thing in the future.

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