Friday, December 02, 2005

New Wal-Mart TV research shows strong results

According to both MediaPost and, PRN and Wal-Mart have conducted some interesting research into the efficacy of the Wal-Mart TV in-store digital signage network. The research suggests that the screens are good for both the retailer and its suppliers, with ad effectiveness surpassing even broadcast and cable TV advertising with regard to consumer perception. As MediaPost notes in this article:

The research, conducted by the TNS Media and Entertainment Group, surveyed 5,630 people in 20 Wal-Mart locations installed with Wal-Mart TV, and found that commercials on the in-store network generated higher motivation levels than in-home television advertisements for comparable brands.
This article has some additional details, as well as a bit on methodology:
For the study, which took place over three waves between 28 March and 15 May 2005, TNS intercepted 5630 customers at the exits of 20 geographically-dispersed stores installed with Wal-Mart TV network's upgraded 'Next Generation' display configurations.
While the study focused on consumer perceptions and not sales lift, this sort of data can't be ignored given the size and scope of the study. But go read the results and judge for yourself :)

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