Monday, December 19, 2005

OSU launches dining room digital signage

"Visual Graphic Systems, Inc. (VGS) together with Digital View, Inc., recently installed digital signage in several dining facilities at Ohio State University’s main campus in Columbus. The 20-inch LCD screens, which presently display a revolving series of campus images and information, will eventually incorporate daily menu specials, news feeds and even local sports highlights," according to this press release. Perhaps this deployment points to a new QSR-oriented digital signage offering from the two companies, as this quote suggests:

He adds that one of the most compelling selling points of these systems for foodservice providers and QSRs is their ability to reduce the perceived wait time for customers in line. Digital View provides the hardware and software to power foodservice ads on the campuses of Ryerson University in Toronto and the University of Toronto.
Or it could be that they added a key term like that so the article would be picked up by search engines. Who's to say :) But as anybody who has budgeted for a digital signage network can tell you, they can require a substantial investment, so it would be interesting to know what the ROI model is here, if any.

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