Tuesday, December 13, 2005

ScreenPlay & ICON Join the OOH! TV for digital signage

According to this press release on Yahoo!, "[m]ajor advertising industry players ScreenPlay, Inc. and ICON Advertising Solutions have teamed up with OOH! TV, executives at the mobile entertainment network announced today."

Both ICON and ScreenPlay have extensive experience in out-of-home advertising, and ScreenPlay maintains one of the largest DVD-driven digital signage networks around (not true networked digital signage, but around the time that they started, it wasn't exactly practical).

OOH seems to be a startup, and here's the info from the press:

OOH! TV is a global distribution and entertainment platform that enables virtually any content owner to gain exposure and provides useful and entertaining content to individuals outside of their home. The Company utilizes cutting edge technology such as broadband TV, cellular, Wi-Fi, and digital signage to create an affordable and open experience that is end user driven. Through the network's agreements to broadcast in public venues nationwide, any content owner can gain worldwide distribution and any end user can customize and carry their experience with them.

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