Friday, January 06, 2006

IMPART and Dole Foods do digital signage

It's digital signage! Or maybe it's interactive kiosks... it's hard to tell when you're talking about 42" touchscreen plasmas (or LCDs, or whatever). According to this press release at PR Newswire:

IMPART Media Group, Inc., an innovator in the content, creation and management of out-of-home digital advertising and information networks, announced today that it has signed a contract with Dole Foods for it's new, patent-pending, iPoint Network(TM). The Dole Nutrition Institute (DNI) will use the out-of-home advertising and information system in grocery stores to connect consumers with their integrated healthcare, wellness and grocer initiatives. DNI was founded to promote health and prevent disease by "Feeding the World with Knowledge" and will initially place the iPoint system in four grocery store chains, located around the country to help shoppers' access useful information about family nutrition; details of Dole Food nutritional benefits; recipes and other healthful tips.
It will be interesting to see a) if this approach drives sales (I would expect that it would, at least initially), b) if the signs can produce a positive ROI (it will depend on content acquisition costs, equipment costs, and maintenance costs -- budgeting for a digital signage network can be pretty tricky), and c) whether grocery stores will request that multiple vendors use the same kiosk, or whether they will allow anybody who wants to to install a digital device instead of regular floor-standing or shelf-mount POP displays.

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