Friday, March 31, 2006

NewSight preparing to deploy 3,200 screen digital signage network?

That's my takeaway from this press release from hypersonic speaker provider ATC:

American Technology Corporation (ATC) (Nasdaq:ATCO - News), an innovator of proprietary directed sound solutions, today announced it has received a 3,200 unit HSS® order from digital signage provider NewSight Corporation. Under this order, NewSight(TM) has initiated installations of HSS-enabled digital signage displays in select major retail stores; all installations are scheduled for completion before September 30, 2006.

Based in New York, NewSight creates proprietary digital narrowcast media networks that deliver interactive, entertaining and measurable customized advertising content. NewSight offers customized, end-to-end solutions for the creation, distribution and placement of digital signage media networks. NewSight's displays can be placed in nearly any environment for maximum, convenient exposure that directly reach today's mobile consumer.
NewSight, formerly known as X3D Technologies, 4D-Vision GmbH, and/or Opticality Corp, was and is best known for its 3D display technology, which, while deployed in smaller numbers, hasn't made any huge splashes in the retail market (or any other sectors that I'm aware of). Perhaps they got tired of waiting, and have instead decided to go the way that I think IMPART and WirelessRonin are trying to go, and are just building out their own networks. Given how expensive it can be to budget and deploy a digital signage network, they either have a lot of cash sitting around, or are planning to raise some. Or, they have a big customer opportunity that I'm not aware of yet :)

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