Friday, March 17, 2006

RMS to install digital signage network in Mattress Firm

From this clickpress article:

Mattress Firm signed a five-year agreement with Fort Lauderdale-based RMS Networks to produce, distribute and manage all content for its new in-store television network. The show called “Firm Network” will run nationwide. Customers will see and hear custom programming on how to select the right mattress, special promotions currently being offered, Mattress Firms’ price and comfort guarantees, or the company’s same day Red Carpet Delivery Service.

Steve Stanger, Mattress Firm’s COO, says the new in-store television network will also be used to enhance communications with store associates. With stores in 22 different markets around the country, the new TV network will enable Mattress Firm management to speak directly with associates through videotaped communication pieces that play before store hours, says Stanger.
Particlularly interesting to me is this paragraph:
Panasonic Corporate Systems Co. is supplying equipment including 42-inch plasma displays for the Firm Network. Through an affiliate, Panasonic will also provide Mattress Firm with financing for the ongoing maintenance of the network equipment over the five-year period.
I wouldn't be surprised if we started to see more of this kind of deal taking place in the future. Considering the large capital expenditures needed to get a digital signage network started (especially if you have 300+ stores, as in the case of Mattress Firm), the plasma manufacturers are in the ideal position to finance the cost of the entire deal, since their devices are typically the most expensive line item on the installation bill.

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