Friday, May 26, 2006

DynaTek expands digital signage pilot with Hess

From this press release:

DynaTek Media has announced that the phase two expansion of the Hess Petroleum in-store digital signage pilot will begin August 1, 2006. The expansion will include multiple locations in Florida.

The expansion follows an extremely successful in-store digital signage pilot conducted during Q1 and Q2 of 06 where Clickin Research documented a significant increase in customer satisfaction and Hess Oil confirmed substantial sales lifts in numerous product categories in the New Jersey and Florida stores. The details of the Phase two pilot are still being defined whereby the study will focus primarily in the Florida market and address a broader range of metrics including the display locations in the store, ad timing, loop length and the production style of the ad spots.
While slim on details such as sales lift, product line focus, etc., it's encouraging to see any pilot make it to the next phase of development. And the focus on controlling additional experimental variables in the next phase of the pilot obviously points to a good understanding of the medium's value by Hess.

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