Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Point Four planning 10,000 C-Store network

Normally I'd dismiss such statements out-of-hand, however twenty-year-old Point Four already does a good bit of POS business with UK convenience stores, working with such chains as Budgens, Centra and SPAR, so they have a bit more traction to begin with than most people (who simply have delusions of grandeur). Many POS vendors have started to pick up digital signage and other in-store media technologies as new products and services to sell, so the extension here makes sense (to me, anyway). aka.tv has a good article on the group:

Screens may become a common sight on the shelf edges of Britain’s convenience stores over the next couple of years, following Point Four Digital Media’s ambitious launch of a network which it hopes will be rolled out to 10,000 retailers.

The advertiser-funded network, with screens at eye level on shelf edges and zoned sound accompanying the continuous loop, will be installed at 5000 independent stores over “the coming months”, reaching 10,000 in 2008, according to the company.

There are about 54,000 C-stores in the UK, according to the Association of Convenience Stores.

You can find the rest here, along with a brief write-up on some shelf-edge advertising (which I got spammed with yesterday too :)

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