Thursday, May 18, 2006

RDM introduces new tools, marketing

RDM, who has done a pretty good job of updating their product line over the years has introduced some new "revolutionary" functionality for local media insertion into their scheduling software. Supposedly the patent-pending technology greatly reduces the complexity of managing large digital signage networks with their system:

SpotSwap™ is the latest feature released for Real Digital Media’s NEOCAST Media Server software, and is designed to automate the placement and insertion of local media content within global playlists.

SpotSwap™ allows digital signage network operators to generate a single, master playlist with placeholders for the insertion of local media content. Network operators simply upload their local media content and execute the SpotSwap™ process, which ensures the proper local media content is assigned for playout at each designated location in the network.
Now I know that the USPTO is broken, but if they actually receive a patent for this -- a feature found in other digital signage platforms for years now -- I'm going to have to write a letter or something. The original press release is here.

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