Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Acrossmedia International to tackle Asian digital signage market

Here's a fascinating factoid that you may not have known:

“One major Asian city has the same market potential as the entire region of Scandinavia, and with the development of our own screen solutions, we will be able to tailor our products to the individual needs of each customer. Our objective is to target certain lines of business in order to become a significant and visible player in the Asian market”, explains CEO John Conrad Jensen.

That line comes from this press release, which notes that,
Acrossmedia International has entered into a joint venture agreement with the Taiwan-ese company Marastt Inc. and is planning to enter the Asian market with in-store TV solutions tailored to the retail sector.

Alongside its operations in Denmark, Acrossmedia has established a sales subsidiary in Taipei, in which Robin Lee has been appointed sales director, responsible for a sales department consisting of 4 market development managers. Within the next two months, project managers, logistics managers and several sales people will be appointed, who will be responsible for selling in-store TV to the Tai-wanese retail sector. Furthermore, subsidiaries will be established in Shanghai and Beijing (China) as well as Bangkok (Thailand). The strategy for establishing more sales subsidiaries all over Asia is al-ready in place.

The objective to conquer Asia is facilitated by the fact that Acrossmedia (and its parent company Frontstairs A/S) has entered into a joint venture agreement with the Taiwanese company Marastt Inc., headquartered in Taipei.

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