Thursday, June 15, 2006

DynaTek and BroadSign expand Hess Petroleum digital signage pilot

Remember when I mentioned that Hess was expanding its digital signage network pilot with DynaTek (the startup company that somehow got the deal for the pilot)? Well, apparently they've teamed up with established player BroadSign to expand the network and continue their experiments with gas station digital signage systems. According to this press release:
DynaTek has connected its SpotAccess Advertising Portal to BroadSign's DMLS media distribution engine to allow full-cycle network management that begins with content authoring and ends with campaign proof-of-play report.

Over the past three years DynaTek has developed the technology to support its model of digital signage networks driven by advertising revenue. The SpotAccess Advertising Portal is used to produce content and book ad space by targeting the desired audience with the help of market and demographic criteria. The next step was to find the right application to facilitate ad sales process and execute the reserved campaign.

"Rather than trying to develop our own ad sales and campaign execution (traffic) piece of the software to complete the workflow cycle, DynaTek decided to pick the best one on the market," says Ron Gross, Chairman and CEO of DynaTek.
I don't know about picking the best digital signage software on the market, but hey, they probably didn't have time to do much research given the speed with which this deal has progressed. So DynaTek turns out to be more of a media management and distribution system, and maybe Hess will grow this pilot into a network-wide program. Only time will tell :)

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