Wednesday, July 26, 2006

EZ Show may have a deal to start deploying digital signs

EZ Show, who confidently stated a few months ago that they were on target to deploy 10,000 screens (which itself was just a stepping stone to 100,000 deployed by the end of 2007, I believe), released this press release indicating that they may have started an actual deployment. Word on the street was that the company had had little success getting screens out during the first half of 06, which may temper their optimistic predictions a bit, though I have no evidence as to whether this was really the case.

Supposedly, the firm is on contract to deploy 453 screens to 393 locations inside of Follett Higher Education Group’s on-campus retail bookstores. The on-campus market is an interesting one to attack with digital signage. One wonders if the typical audience for the screens will be spurred to make impulse purchases, since their intent seems to be to "inform customers about goods, services, and in-store specials instead of traditional paper signs that are flat, expensive and quickly outdated." And while access to the 18-27 year old demographic is quite interesting, the socioeconomic status of the average student leaves me thinking that it might make more sense to try and find a way to appeal to an audience with slightly more spending money.

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