Wednesday, July 26, 2006

Knowlan`s Installs Pricer Electronic Shelf Labels

I read this cool article at Internet Retailer about electronic shelf labels - a technology that's both compelling and terrifying at once, depending on how they're used :) From the article:

Knowlan`s operates six Festival Foods and two Knowlan`s stores and in recent months has installed StoreNext`s Pricer® Infrared Electronic Shelf Labeling system for pricing management and accuracy at three of its existing Festival Foods stores. The seventh Festival Foods store will open this Fall with the Pricer ESL.

The independent retailer also uses StoreNext`s ISS45 point-of-sale (POS) software and Fujitsu TeamPoS 2000 POS hardware. "We were interested in upgrading our ESL system and wanted to replace it with the most competitive system available. We were looking for two things: pricing accuracy and efficiency. We shopped around and StoreNext`s Pricer solution impressed us the most," said Ed Doud, director of retail technology, Knowlan`s Super Markets Inc. "It offered us the best in-store ESL system - with extremely aesthetic display tags, easy-to-use, swift price changes and accurate pricing. As promised, the installation and functioning of the system has been very smooth with quick acceptance by customers and staff."
What I'm particularly curious about is whether they plan to use this newfound efficiency to change prices more frequently than they currently do. After all, with all-electronic price channels, it would be trivial to change the cost of different items at different times of day (which seems like it should be illegal, but I don't know if it is).

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