Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Adweek: In-Store TV Ads Sway Consumers

Adweek is running an article about research published by media measurement company Nielsen Media Research and digital signage network owner SignStorey. SignStorey, like PRN, deploys networks of screens to grocers and big-box retailers, and shows ad-supported content in hopes of swaying consumers at the first moment of truth.

One of the big challenges with a model like this is of course proving to advertisers that it's effective to advertise on the network. That's where Nielsen comes in. As a trusted and experienced measurement company, their findings will certainly carry some weight with potential advertisers (and hosts of future networks, I'm sure). The main point from the article: "[a]
ccording to the study, 68 percent of those surveyed said in-store messages would sway their product purchasing decisions. Another 44 percent said they would swap a product they had intended to buy for one advertised on SignStorey."

That's obviously pretty big news, so I'm anxious to see the industry's response. On the one hand, any vendor-sponsored research is always a bit suspect, but on the other, we're always on the lookout for new stats to support or refute network effectiveness.

Here's the article.

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