Wednesday, September 06, 2006

EZ Show to roll out... something

As I mentioned just a few months ago, EZ Show, the company who's still a few screens short of it's self-stated goal of 10,000, may actually be deploying a network now. According to this article at, "EZ Show Network is rolling out a 393-location digital-signage network to Follett Higher Education Group university and college bookstores across the U.S., set to eventually reach 71m customers annually. The first stage of the rollout, involving 253 screens in 193 stores, began mid-August, and the second stage will add a further 200 stores."

So from the sounds of it, this should be verifiable. If true, the ability to reach an audience of 71 million could be quite noteworthy. While the news carries a bit more weight coming from, there have been innumerable networks that were "pre-announced" and never quite came to fruition.

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