Wednesday, September 13, 2006

IntelliMats to test in-floor digital signs

We've seen companies test floor-mounted digital signs before, so this should come as nothing new:

IntelliMats, LLC announced today it will launch a cooperative pilot program with The Source By Circuit City to place its digital video signage display mats in stores in the Toronto area.

According to Steve Pappas, president of InterTAN, the pilot program will test consumer attraction to the mats in Canadian malls and the appropriate messages at the critical point of entry to the store. "We fully expect the mats will catch customers' attention as they approach the store, which is a key time to increase awareness of our products and services," Pappas said.

The IntelliMat(R) is a wireless computer embedded in a thin mat made of a lightweight thermoplastic alloy. With four LCD screens, it creates a 30-inch diagonal display with full multi-media capability. Translation: lots of color, motion and sound from a high quality video display--right at your feet, right in the store and right at the point where purchase decisions are made. The engaging video display can be seen clearly from more than 10 feet away.

"Earlier U.S. retail pilot programs showed that more than 90 percent of customers are drawn to the mat," said Jim Currie, president and CEO of IntelliMats. "Through in-store customer interviews, IntelliMats also learned the majority of customers thought the mat enhanced the store environment and found the messages helpful to their purchase decisions.

I'm not sure where the IntelliMat folks got that data, but I'd love to see it.

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