Saturday, September 30, 2006

Visualstore contemplates the in-store digital media channel

Visualstore, a site typically more devoted to store fixtures and visual design/merchandising, wrote an article a few weeks ago about retailers "taking the plunge" into the world of digital merchandising. Digital signage, interactive kiosks, in-store audio networks and eye-catching visual effects are all discussed in enough detail to be interesting for those of us already familiar with these things, yet enough background info to be accessible to traditional merchandising specialists. As they note, though, there are challenges that come along with the perceived benefits of digital systems:

Is it all a panacea, without challenges? Is anything?!? Hope Remoundos, senior vp of sales and marketing at the Hudson News Co., has just installed a digital media program in her stores. She says delivering content to the stores has been difficult. The installer has been known to mount the satellite dish on the roof aimed the wrong way. And the plasma screen manufacturer's orders have gotten hung up in shipping. But she likes the fact that she controls all of the content from her home office in North Bergen, N.J., so she can test it in her test lab on site. She also sees that customers like interactive motion displays, so the company is getting ready to install its first interactive floor projection logos now.
Overall, VS seems to have quite an positive impression on the impact of digital media on store design and performance.

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