Thursday, October 19, 2006

BIGresearch tests the efficacy of in-store media

I just finished a quickie post at In-Store & Retail Media News about product sampling being the most influential in-store medium according to a new study by BIGresearch, but it's important enough to be mentioned here too. The long and the short of it is that while stalwarts of retail marketing like product sampling, labels and packaging and loyalty programs can have considerable impact on sales, newer retail media like in-store TV and radio channels, do considerably worse. For example, the study found that only 10.9% of respondants said that retail TV influenced them to buy certain brands or products, and only 7.5% responded the same for retail radio networks.

Still, as Joe Pilotta, VP of Research for the firm notes, "[e]ven though In-Store TV and Radio trail with only 10.9% and 7.5% of respondents saying they're influenced, it is still very significant when taking that number as part of overall weekly store traffic." That's true, especially when you consider the hundreds of millions of people who frequent the top-ten US retailers each week.

The press release with summary findings can be had here.

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