Friday, October 06, 2006

Customer-centric digital signage strategy

Extended Retail Solutions has a nice introductory article to the "digital signage revolution" whose title suggests that it focuses on how to make the technology more customer-centric. While I'm not actually certain that it accomplishes that goal, it sounds nice, and is a good read nonetheless. Here's a brief clip:

A retail executive who is considering a digital signage system shouldn’t let the tail wag the dog. Content, rather than hardware or software, drives digital signage. And the best digital signage systems are focused on customer-centric content – messaging that puts your customers first by telling them what they want to know, delivered in a way that they enjoy. If you can communicate a relevant message and allow customers to control their shopping experience, you’re more likely to gain their loyalty and ultimately their business.
Other noteworthy tips from the article:
  • Engage the application developer early - Make sure that the digital signage project is visible to store media planners and application developers.
  • Consider holistic solutions - Utilize a number of emerging technologies like digital signs, kiosks, RFID, and the like to create a unified digital messaging environment.
  • Embrace the opportunities - Realize the specific value that a digital media network can have for specific vertical markets, or even specific departments within the same store, and optimize accordingly.
  • Manage the system with vigor - Nobody's going to like your signage solution if it doesn't work. Choose partners who have experience and a mature deployment platform, and be vigilent!

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