Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Digital signage firm Netvizon gets acquired by H3

H3Enterprises, just announced that it is acquiring a controlling interest in PCTV, the company behind the digital signage solution called "neTVizon". From the press release:

"PCTV, Inc. will also be H3's first major revenue stream and profit center with several multi-million dollar Purchase Orders expected to be finalized in the coming days to go along with the substantial contracts that PCTV has already garnered. We also expect to soon be signing several major sponsorship deals with some of the largest companies in the world relating to our displays and upcoming tournaments. I'm especially looking forward to my meeting in Miami with the newest member of TeamH3, Dwayne Wade, who will be actively involved with all of our upcoming CyberSports tournaments." said [CEO] Jackie Robinson.
It's a little scary to think that a company is making an acquisition in the digital signage industry so it can become profitable. Apparently nobody has told Jackie what the lead time is like for us :) But the claim of several million in POs waiting to be filled -- if true -- certainly bodes well for them.

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Anonymous said...

This deal never went through. H3 did not have the proper funding and NetFaze pulled out. For more information visit NetFaze.com