Monday, October 02, 2006

Digital signage system integrates in-store odor technology

Odors, smells, these sorts of words have a somewhat negative connotation. I suppose you could say fragrances or scents or something like that, but now I'm thinking perfumes or deodorants, not simulated olfactory experiences.

But whatever you call them, a number of people are experimenting with scent technology as a new way to grab customer attention. Just take a look at today's example from Storefront Backtalk:

A New Zealand company is pushing a digital signage/RFID system that fills an aisle with smells to reinforce marketing messages. In the Regency duty free shop at Auckland International Airport, for example, digital images of vodka company Absolut’s raspberry vodka were reinforced by—yep—a strong raspberry smell. The system isolates the smells for specific customers and can spray as many as 2,000 different fragrances into different parts of the store at different times....
It's hard to monitor things like scents remotely, so pioneers of the technology are going to have to work long and hard to produce scents that remain constant, don't change with weather/season/etc., and actually smell like the things they're supposed to simulate.

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