Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Meijer tests out in-store digital signage

According to this article from the In-Store Marketing Institute article, quasi-big-box retail chain Meijer is set to deploy in-store TV networks to all 175 of their stores after a successful trial in that started in April of this year. According to the article:

The network features vertical monitors suspended from the ceiling in five to six locations, including the food, pharmacy, general merchandise and health and beauty departments, with smaller screens located at checkout stations. Monitors will loop more than 30 spots in four-week cycles, focusing on Meijer exclusives, branding and promotions for ABC programs. Rather than targeting specific demographics, content will be tailored for different areas of the store. Paid advertising will be coordinated by both Meijer and Newsight [Media].
The network will use directional speakers to reduce employee fatigue and better concentrate sound from each channel into the appropriate areas of the store. The article states that the trial was 3 channels running on up to 23 screens per store, so the target deployment's goal of 5-6 channels may suggest many more screens will be added in each store. The network will show branding messages, customer service announcements and entertainment content from ABC.

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