Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Hughes satellite guys talk up digital signage at Chain Store Age

Chain Store Age is carrying a commentary article by Ken Cohen and Tim Tang of satellite company Hughes. Much of the article is a plug for satellite content distribution, but among the usual banter about the market and the possibilities it presents are these important words of wisdom about utilizing the network to its fullest potential:

[R]egardless of whether you choose to create an in-house team to manage your RDS network or outsource all or portions of the network, create a defined system for measurement. In an ideal world, your RDS network will connect with your sales operations to link messaging to revenue (though this linkage is not yet seamless from a technology perspective). For example, you may want to know how many cans or bottles of a particular soda one store sold in the 15 minutes after running an ad for that brand. You may also look at customer attitudes towards brands through focus groups and surveys. The value of your RDS network will increase with your ability to demonstrate ROI.
The topics of retail media measurement and calculating digital signage ROI are close to my heart, so I'm always happy to see others proselytizing them when talking about network planning and management.

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