Thursday, November 30, 2006

Ingram Micro digital signage program grows

From this article at CRN:

Ingram Micro said 60 to 70 solution providers have joined its new digital signage group, and it expects triple-digit sales gains in that market over the coming year.

The Santa Ana, Calif.-based distributor launched the Digital Signage Practice Group at a recent VentureTech meeting. As with other distributors, the company has been dabbling in the digital signage solutions over the past two years, and in April it added a key ingredient by bringing 3M Digital Signage's applications onto its line card, according to Kevin Prewett, vice president of vendor management at Ingram Micro.
Wow, 60-70 vendors is a pretty serious reseller network, and may come to rival Scala's well-known and formidable reseller network. Considering how recently Ingram started this program, it's apparent that there are still many vendors who would like to be able to offer a digital signage solution of some sort. However, I'd also be willing to bet that the vast majority of sales from this network will be of 3M's lower-end products, and for very small networks (say less than 10 screens). Still, add it all up, subtract the cost of supporting a gazillion tiny networks, and you might just be able to eek out a profit. Maybe.

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