Thursday, November 02, 2006

New vending machines combine the best of interactive kiosks, digital signs

I wasn't sure whether to post this article here or over at the interactive kiosk news blog, but a number of vending machine manufacturers are experimenting with interactive touch screen displays, large digital signs, or both in an effort to make the lowly vending machine (perhaps the most profitable of all self-service devices) a little more 21st century. As this article at AMonline tells us:

[V]ending companies are beginning to consider machine-hosted video screens to advertise on-board products as well as generate additional revenue from external product offerings.

One supplier is testing small screen placement above the machine's payment mechanism, another supports a larger screen across the top portion of the machine, a third experiments with linking wall-hung screens with an on-board display, while yet another focuses on implementing touch screen applications.

Goals of the new technology range from offering additional product lines other than those carried in the machine to influencing buyers at the point of sale with advertising messages. Also, the article notes that the computers that would provide these new services can also be used to provide 2-way monitoring of the vending machines themselves, which is still fairly uncommon.

All in all, the article is quite a thorough review of what's new in the vending world, so I recommend you check it out!

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