Friday, February 16, 2007

GSBC promises world domination, Fortune-500 position, all-nude revue

Ok, I can't verify that last part, but after reading this marvel of a press release, can you blame me? I know that sometimes I let my competitive nature get the better of me and I feel the need to bash on some poor PR, but in this particular case, I don't think I could do any worse than to simply request you read it. Look at this:

Ronald Flynn then said "using and applying the current contracts and our current target markets we estimate that GSBC will have revenue over the next five years of $43.2 billion USD. Our revenue model coupled with our global acquisitions will help us dominate as we own the hardware and now the software and as I've stated before we want to corner the digital signage business.
and this:
After the introduction, the CEO of GSBC stated, "I would like to thank everyone involved with GSBC for your continuous support and want to make it clear that our initial target market will start in Asia. We are convinced that NET.TV which is listed on the German DAX, under the symbol WGJ.F and in America under the symbol NNNV.PK, will most definitely corner the market in Europe. We will have over the next 36 months a large market share around the world and will continue our quest to become the largest digital signage company on the planet."
Well, it's nice to have a goal. Then there's this:
Later that evening, GSBC kicked of the event with many Thai superstars such as Pamela Baudin, Thailand Superstar Show, dancers, and singers. The event lasted until midnight.
Money well spent, I'm sure.

Forget for a minute that the press release reads as is if it were written by a 3rd grader doing a report on "what I watched daddy do at work today." Forget that every other sentence starts with " Ronald Flynn." And even forget that you've probably never even heard of most of the companies that are preparing to own the digital signage market, crushing the competition into little more than dust. $43 billion in revenue? To put that in perspective, Google did about $10.6B last year, and Cisco did about $28.5B. I'm going to go out on a limb here and suggest GSBC's projections might be a tad optimistic.

But then again, if they were (completely hypothetically speaking, of course) preparing for some kind of stock pump-and-dump operation, all this posturing might make sense. You'd have to be targeting a very specific group of wealthy but relatively unintelligent investors, but I understand that there are some of those out there.

And of course, there is always the outside chance that GSBC really does have something amazing cooking that they've been keeping under wraps and will soon unleash upon the digital signage industry. I'd much prefer to see that, in fact, since healthy competition will do more good for the industry than an ugly scam will.

[2007-02-16 11AM UPDATE]: Dave Haynes at the sixteen:nine blog has summed up his opinion on the matter with an oddly appropriate image.

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Anonymous said...

look, they have a new website
are they the same as

Bill Gerba said...

Yup, that's the same company, since it lists the companies they recently bought. And of course the contact link just goes to an email address and the Offices link is broken, so it's the same quality all the way through.

Dave Haynes at the sixteen:nine blog seems to be following the company pretty closely:

Anonymous said...

Nope. gsbc-group is formed by Ronald Flynn who is kicked out of the board by GSBC. www.GSBC.TV is the original website, where is a fluke. Even the logo is not the same...

I need to investigate more on this.

Bill Gerba said...

Very peculiar. It would seem like the site does have something to do with them. Better Whois lists this information for the domain's owner:

Digital Streams Pty Limited
59 Grosvenor Road
Lindfield, NSW 2070


Administrative Contact, Technical Contact:
Digital Streams Pty Limited
59 Grosvenor Road
Lindfield, NSW 2070
+612 9416 3114

Record expires on 22-Feb-2008.
Record created on 22-Feb-2007.

So it's a quite newly acquired domain, and technically owned by m-cast, one of GSBC's recent "acquisitions."

Anonymous said...

In my opinion, Everyone should do their homework on Ronald Shane Flynn. He has left a trail of debt, destruction and deceit over the past few years and has now a greater target audience to mislead. Many have lost money in his so called production companies, the least of which he narrowly escaped a class action suit in Australia where many investors lost their money after he disapeared overseas. He has had huge tax problems in the USA which is why you will never see him touchdown there for fear of impeding imprisonment. He is a master of manipulation and will exploit every angle of law and regulation to his advantage. I have known him for a long time and urge people to be wary of investing any money in any business he owns or has affiliation with.

Anonymous said...

Shares of acquired company IDST
by GSBC returned for exchange have
gone walkabout.
Found by a very smelly firm Takeshi Finance who will buy them at a mind boggling sum for an up
front sum with banking details.
I've washed all the green from behind my ears.

Anonymous said...

I recently sold my shares through that firm and was extreamly pleased with the way things worked out. Not sure about GSBC but in my case it took about 4 months before the money was sent to my account.

Anonymous said...

Just give him a call or drop on in to visit him at his home at:

56/49 M. 6
T.Naklau A.Banglamung
Chonburi 20260

Cell: +668-6843-8486

Anonymous said...

hello i would like to inform all of you about Mr. Ronald Flynn i have known him for over 20 years or so and he is one of the hardest working individuals i have ever known now for some individuals to frown on him makes things very hard for him he has nothing to do with scams he is very honest individual and if i was going to put my money on anybody it would be him he is a for sure winner. I would also like to say that dcuve.ob is the symbol for GSBC which did a agreement with fightersoft who does digital signage for cel phones as well as some great navigational system for your cell phones pretty cool stuff well anyways just had to clear up that bad vibe of ron flynn thank you

Anonymous said...

i cant believe this i just got some info from a source i guess they finnaly found out that this Jerry Dubin guy was trying to make Ron Flynn look bad but relly Jerry Dubin was the snake all along he has been put up on charges for extorsion and other criminal charges in thailand and Ron Flynn is clean and trustworthy as everybody has said to me he is actually trying to make the company work that Jerry Dubin guy only cared about himself and nobody else well just a update for everybody wow is all i got to say

Bill Gerba said...

Ok guys, that's quite enough. I'm going to follow Dave Haynes' suggestion and delete any new comments that come up. You can take your squabbles elsewhere.

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

To Whom It May Concern,
The tide has finally changed! Success is the sweetest revenge. I suffered on a daily bases and let jerry and his other cronies and clowns feed into the GSBC frenzy of deceit and lies! I waited and just bided my time. I lived everyday waiting to write this letter. And now finally that time has come.“Bam” these assholes and there blogs have to live with the fact that what they wrote was just a bunch of crap! Fightersoft and every investor have won big time.
My son is a great kid he knows me well enough to know better and i will thank him for defending me from these jerks who were writing bullshit on the net! It now has been told to me that my ex in Australia was behind the blogs from Melbourne. And as luck would have it my old partner in America was so jealous of the articles and stories he told someone who knew me who was doing it! The English blog came from a guy heavily involved in a company that was supposed to join forces with GSBC but did not. The other blogs came from enemies from paragon who I severed ties with because they did not do what they were supposed to do!
The once GSBC shareholders who were left standing in the lurch with nothing I have personally took care of and made them whole again. And let’s be clear it was not my responsibility to help investors as I was not a director of the company and had resigned 1 year before GSBC went DEFUNCT.....
At one time I was running and building that company! I had personal relationships with many of the investors. The fact is I know firsthand what it’s like to be duped and made to look like an idiot. My intentions have always been good and fortunately I could help so I did!
So in closing if there is one person who thinks I have done them wrong feel free to email me at I am here and ready to talk!

Ronald Flynn

Anonymous said...

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