Tuesday, February 27, 2007

SeeSaw to launch online ad buy platform for digital signage

ADWEEK notes that SeeSaw Networks, a company that allows media buyers to purchase ad time on multiple disparate digital signage networks at once, is stepping up its efforts by launching seesawads.com, a web-based marketplace for digital sign media buys. By joining together any number of smaller networks into one quasi-cohesive ad "platform," SeeSaw is attempting to address one of the critical shortcomings of many digital signage networks today: unless they're big (and I mean really big), many advertisers are either unaware of these networks' benefits or uninterested in them because it can be hard to deal with the myriad of different business and technical rules to place an ad. Plus, with a merging of networks, SeeSaw gains access to a broad array of demographics and a large slice of the population. According to the ADWEEK article:

SeeSaw's six affiliates allow advertisers to aggregate digital sign inventory from more than 10,000 lifestyle venues across 205 markets. The company's current affiliate roster skews toward younger demos in health clubs, sports bars and universities, but SeeSaw also has substantial avails in grocery stores, retailers and travel centers. Plans call for expanding to target Hispanic and business demographics.
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