Monday, February 26, 2007

TAP brings social media, user-created content to in-bar digital signage

In a move that could result in any number of hilariously disastrous outcomes, bar and restaurant signage network operator has created a website where users can upload their own content, and then have it be displayed on in-bar digital signage by sending an SMS message. As this article at Digital Signage Today notes,

As with other video-sharing sites, users visit a Web site to upload their video and review and share clips. Via a simple text message command in any bar, they now can also play their video on TV.

"Every sports bar has weekly college and pro games," said Michael Gonzalez, manager of the John Barleycorn’s chain in Chicago. "But this new service allows my customers to record and share highlights of their own weekly softball games, try their hand at stand-up comedy, or impress their friends with their stupid human tricks. It personalizes the bar experience, and encourages use of the bar as a meeting place."
On the one hand, this could be a pretty cool way to bring social media into social venues, and has the potential to add a new form of entertainment to the relatively stagnant bar scene. On the other hand, without really, really good content filters (and admittedly I don't know anything about the system, how one uploads videos, or what mechanism puts it to the screens afterwards), there are so many ways that this could end badly. You can use your imagination (and I'm certainly not going to give anybody any ideas here), but let's just hope that the guys have given some thought to the kinds of social videos that many bar-goers would a) bother to generate, and b) get a kick out of seeing in public.

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