Monday, March 19, 2007

IconNicholson debuts virtual mirrors at Bloomingdales

I just posted an article to the In-Store & Retail Media News blog about IconNicholson's interactive mirrors, which were debuted at the NRF and were being demonstrated at Bloomingdales in New York (according to this article from the New York Times). The NYT says:

[The] interactive mirror prototype was set up for three days in the Lepore department at Bloomingdale’s (the department store said it was interested to see customer response). Clients who were trying on Lepore items were invited to use their cellphones to call or text friends and ask them to log onto a Web site where they could see a live video feed of the outfits being tried on.

For those who did not want to contact friends, a few Lepore employees and friends were logged on to send instant messages on the styles (“Did you know that green is the new black?”) and suggest other items that might work (“Try this jacket with your dress”).

Since it's also kiosk and digital signage related, I felt the cross-post appropriate. Note to anybody thinking of getting into corporate/business blogging: don't use Blogger. It's a fine tool for personal blogs, but lacks important features like categories that forces you to maintain multiple blogs, which can get a bit inconvenient at times like this :)

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