Thursday, March 22, 2007

India's in-store TV market heats up

While Europe and North America have hogged much of the at-retail media spotlight the past few years, we've still seen Australia, China and Japan make some noteworthy announcements from time to time. However, with it's billion-plus population and strong economic growth, India has been notably absent from the scene. Maybe it's the lack of infrastructure, government focus on only a few key cities, or the fact that less than 20% of retail activities are what you'd call "organized." But whatever the cause, India has been a sleeping giant in the retail media space, with some projects and trials going on, but no real, big news.

That makes this announcement by TAG Media more interesting, since an expansion to 200 sites or more puts them squarely in the big leagues. Granted TAG is a US-based operation, the rapid pace of retail expansion in India makes them a natural choice for all sorts of digital media. The press release notes:

TAG Media Network Inc. the first and largest national “In-Store Television Network” has extended TAG Media Network to Fabmall, Trinethra & Foodworld. This strategic partnership with the retail chains has developed Tag Media’s network to over 200 plus grocery stores, supermarkets, and hypermarkets nationwide with a footfall of over 6 million per month. Consumers visiting, Spencer's, Fabmall & Foodworld can now experience the pleasure of shopping before they buy plus the opportunity to fulfill desires instantly.
Marketing-speak aside, a footfall of 6 million viewers/month is compelling, though it's unclear how much economic influence those 6 million have. While there's no mention of goals or ROI planning in the press release, it does suggest that TAG hopes to deploy another 500 screens in the coming months, bringing the total to 1,000 by year's end (which works out to an average of 5 per location, but no word on whether some places have one and others 20).

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