Sunday, July 29, 2007

Cabbies to strike over GPS feature of NY10 network?

So I've been following the news of Vodafone/ClearChannel's NY10 taxi cab digital signage/kiosk network with some interest, as there are a number of really interesting business models that they might decide to try out, and with each passing month the story behind the system keeps getting odder and odder. Consider, for example, this recent post from Engadget, that notes that taxi drivers are so upset about the possibility of having GPS units installed that they're planning to strike. Apparently they don't like the idea of their employers watching over them all the time (can't imagine why).

Anyway, the GPS units are there to provide a host of other services as well, like mapping taxi pick-up and drop-off points, giving customers a better idea of the route they're taking though they can't like the idea that customers might be able to keep an eye on what drivers are doing, like when they turn a 2-mile trip from Penn Station to Rockefeller Plaza into an 8-mile sojourn ), and possibly even providing geo-located content, advertisements and purchase opportunities.

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