Sunday, August 05, 2007

Digital signage improves vending sales

It's always nice to see research results coming out of the industry, especially when they help to make the case for digital signage as a viable out-of-home advertising medium. According to this press release, Automated Vending Technologies (AVT):
demonstrate[d] a dramatic improvement in sales in the 10 vending systems equipped with AVT's custom personal computers loaded with proprietary digital signage software displaying flash advertisements, including advertisements for Otis Spunkmeyer, 5 Hour Energy and Tropicana....The field tests utilized 20 vending machines filled with identical merchandise but 10 of the systems were equipped with AVT's digital signage software displaying flash advertisements.
The company doesn't not exactly what "dramatic improvements" are, exactly, but given that they're now considering rolling out the technology to all 900 of their vending machines, there must be a pretty reasonable time to ROI under the model.


Unknown said...

Bill Gerba,

Hi there Bill. I am very interested in what you are writing about. If at all possible, is there an email address i can contact you on? With regard to various questions i have involving digital signage. Could you add a 'contact' page? Or conact me through my identity used to publish this comment.


Bill Gerba said...

Hi Mike,

Your profile is marked private, so there's no way to get contact information from there.

If you have general questions about digital signage, I recommend you contact one of our sales folks at

If your questions are more business model-oriented, just comment somewhere in the blog and I'll leave a reply so we can share the information with everyone.

Anonymous said...

The question is how long with it take for the new sign in increased vending sales? Thats the real story here don;t you think. They should maybe try adding different kinds of products as well. By the way have you try that new 8-hr energy pills yet? Great stuff :).

Bill Gerba said...

Yeah, time is certainly a big factor, but it depends on a) how you're paying for your equipment, and b) how much exposure you're willing to tolerate. Regardless of whether you're leasing the screens from a 3rd party of capitalizing them yourself, there's some amount of time after which the screens will have paid for themselves with either increased sales or ad sales, and after that, it's all (or mostly) profit.

But as far as I know there's no universally accepted idea of what the "right" amount of time before a positive ROI is. Obviously, the shorter the better, but I've seen companies who need to make their money back in 9 months, and others that have been willing to wait 3 years.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous! Yea I agree the question will be time and I think a good idea is to try new products and yes I did try the 8-hour energy pill and kept me up all f'n night b/c I took it to late lol