Thursday, September 06, 2007

CBS to buy SignStorey for $71.5M!

Wow, $71.5M is a lot of money, but apparently CBS wants SignStorey's 1,400 grocery store network badly enough that they're willing to pay. Here are the early details, as reported by Forbes:
CBS Corp. said Thursday it will pay $71.5 million in cash to buy SignStorey Inc., which provides grocery stores with in-store video screens to display video programming and advertising.

Once the deal closes - which CBS expects will happen during its fourth quarter - SignStorey will be renamed "CBS Outernet."

SignStorey currently has digital video displays in more than 1,400 grocery stores across the country, and the company has long-term exclusive deals with grocers like Pathmark Stores Inc. and SuperValu Inc.

CBS has worked with SignStorey since 2006, when it signed a deal with the company to provide shopping-specific content for its screens.
[UPDATE]: I had the chance to run some numbers, and the results are pretty interesting. It looks like this might have been a fair-to-low offer for the company. SignStorey CPM and cost per ad estimates are up at the WireSpring Digital Signage blog!

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Anonymous said...

$51K per store. $1 per monthly traffic. Based on their estimate of 25.3 million monthly viewers, that's $2.82 per impression.

Bill Gerba said...

Hi John,

Where did the $51K per store figure come from? I've been running some numbers of my own, and I haven't encountered that piece of data.

Bill Gerba said...

Nevermind, 71,000,000 / 1,400 = 51,071. Duh.

Anonymous said...
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